What does L.B. think about Social Media?

Like most other 20-somethings, my life is entrenched in the Internet and social media.  I grew up with AOL Instant Messenger back when people actually had AOL as their internet provider, and no one had shortened it to "AIM" yet.  My high school classmates and I counted down the days until we received our college email accounts, and the .edu address that was then necessary for a Facebook account.  We lived in the early social media days of MySpace and LiveJournal.  Social media is such a part of my life, that I don't always take time to think about it.

I use social media on a more or less daily basis, but for me it is a lot more than just a chance to wish my friends a happy birthday, check out pictures of long distance relatives, or beat the next level in Candy Crush. I also use social media to connect to local and national non-profits, dialogue with my faith community, promote local business, and remain abreast of local and global news.

So what do I think about social media?
I think… social media is powerful.
I think… social media can promote social good.
I think… businesses need to keep the “social” in social media.