I Think… Social Media Is Powerful

So, if you read my first post you saw all those bold statements I made about social media:
I think social media is powerful.
I think social media can promote social good.
I think companies need to keep the “social” in social media.
Check out part 1 of the “I think social media is…” series to see just what I mean when I say I think social media can be powerful.

“Social media is powerful.”

I’m sure a lot of people are reading this and rolling their eyes right now, at this notion of mine that social media is powerful. Fun, sure, some of them are thinking.  Entertaining, check.  But powerful? Really.  Yes. Powerful.  Sure, we all know that social media lets us keep up with our friends, stay in touch with old college roommates, play games, and follow our favorite sports teams and celebrities.

All of these things are true, but what I also know is that social media is more. So much more.

Social media helps young professionals network and gain job opportunities.

Social media lets military personnel stay in touch with loved ones while on deployment.

Social media allows newspapers, television stations and other traditional media to maintain a round-the-clock newstream

Think for a minute – when is the last time you heard about a major event via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social networking site? A friends’ promotion or new job offer?  A relatives’ engagement or pregnancy?  How about bigger events, news events – the Boston Marathon bombing?  the mall attack in Nairobi?  Results of a local or national election?

Social media is so, so much more than Farmville, friends, and photographs.  Social media keeps us in the loop.  It is what allows us to learn of local, regional, national and even global events as quickly as they happen.  Social media is the reason that Americans even know that there was an attack in a Kenyan mall last week.  Social media has allowed reporters to report from inside war zones, and allowed the Arab Spring to succeed.

Social media is the reason we have a global society.


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