I Think…. Businesses Need To Keep the “Social” In Social Media

So, if you read my first post you saw all those bold statements I made about social media:
I think social media is powerful.
I think social media can promote social good.
I think companies need to keep the “social” in social media.
Check out part 3 of the “I think social media is…” series to see just what I mean when I say that businesses need to keep the social in social media.

“Businesses need to keep the ‘social’ in social media.”

Let’s be honest here, people are not heading to a restaurant’s Facebook page just to read a copy of the menu, or looking on their favorite boutiques photo album to check out the latest price changes. When people log into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or their personal social media account of choice, they are looking for just that – a chance to be SOCIAL.

Social media is an organization’s chance to show their face, to be personal.  If you want your businesses’ social media pages to succeed you need to socialize with your customers!  Do you remember why the folks of Friends loved Central Perk, or why everyone flocked to Cheers? It was because things were personal, they wanted a bar where everyone knew their name, and a coffee shop where they knew a comfy couch and their friends were waiting. In the modern world, people still look for these interactions, still wanting to engage with business owners, but more and more often they’re finding them in the digital sphere. 

So, what DO people want to see on your social media page?  They don’t want full menus, they want pictures of your daily specials, and a quick answer if they post a question asking about ingredients.  They don’t need to know your daily sales totals, or your quarterly growth projection, but they love to see pictures of the cute new outfits you have in stock.   They want to see the face of your organization. 

Are you a local non-profit?  Share the story of a client you recently served, or give thanks to the group who sponsored today’s meal in your soup kitchen.  Are you a local boutique or thrift shop? Share pictures of your latest merchandise. Restaurants can share pictures of daily specials.  Community organizations can show pictures of their members. Early childhood centers can share pictures of the children in their program or the projects they completed. Gyms can share the pictures and stories of their members, and celebrate their successes.  Senior centers can celebrate the health of their octogenarians.  The possibilities are endless. 

Even more traditional businesses such as insurance agencies, lawyers, and medical offices have a story to tell.  Do you sponsor events in your community?  Did one of your employees or customers recently celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary?  Sharing these messages on social media allows people to see your face.  It personalizes your organization and lets customers socialize with you.  And that my friends, is what social media is all about! Socializing.


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