What Does Spring Mean For Your Business?

How Will Your Business Grow This Spring?

Flowers are blooming, and the snow is starting to melt. Signs of spring are everywhere from Cadbury Mini eggs in CVS, to the shamrocks lining the streets of Holyoke, to yesterday’s adorable Google doodle.
Today is the first full day of spring 2014, and my question to you is how will you grow your business this spring? What are you doing to breathe new life into your brand? Into your marketing strategy?
After months of winter doldrums spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your business. Warm air brightens people’s moods. Once the jokes are over, the start of April has everyone realizing that 25% of the year has gone by without progress toward those New Year’s Resolutions. Spring has people ready for change – they are ready to embrace new ideas and new products, try new restaurants or visit new stores. What are you going to do to make sure they visit YOUR business?

How Will My Business Grow This Spring?

Yes, I know, it is time for me to end the cheesy motivational pep talk and get down to business. What will I be doing to grow my business, and to expand my brand this spring?
As a new brand, my goal is plain and simple – be seen. I will be working on developing content that is worth seeing, and strategy that makes sure people make it to my site in the first place!
Starting on April 1st, please start joining us here at L.B. Writes for “Ten For Tuesdays,” an ongoing series of ten tips to help you use the power of social media to promote social good.


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